Tips and Tricks

To shop on our website, there are four ways you can do this;

  • Main Menu item “BRANDS” (top bar)
  • Search Products (above side Navigation bar)
  • Product Catagories List (side Navigation bar)
  • Heading Links (on Home Page – Scrapbooking Papers, Best Sellers, Mixed Media Supplies)

Refer to each of these areas to work out how best it will work for you.

Main Menu Bar

HOME: The Home page has some easy links for the scrapbooker, card maker, and mixed media artist. You can click on the headings to access the pages to view the products of your choice.

ABOUT US: First time to our website, you can find out details on who we are

BRANDS: Use this menu item to see all the product brands we currently stock and then you can click on the product category (image) you will be taken to a new page that displays all the products related to that category.

GALLERY: This menu item takes you to all the gallery photos of our projects, of us working, attending workshops and retreats, etc. We also have an Instagram account and Facebook so you can follow us there too.

EVENTS: This page will list any upcoming events, classes, and workshops that we will be running. We will update from time to time and let you know via Facebook and/or email.

CONTACT US: If you have some suggestions on improving the website for your shopping experience then please email us. This website is a work in progress and will be upgraded over time. We want your experience to be a happy one and easy to view and buy our products.

MY ACCOUNT: When you shop with us, you can create an account (preferable) so we can contact you about your order and also let you know when we have new products in our store, classes, workshops, etc. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details on how we use your data. It is important for you to keep your details up-to-date so we can provide the best service to you. We want your experience on our website to be very easy to use and at times we will reward our VIP customers with vouchers on the next order.

CART: Once you make a purchase with us, you can view your products in the cart at any time. If you use the “Continue Shopping” link (at the bottom left of the page), you will return to the BRANDS page, that way you can use any of the three options for purchasing more products. You are also able to use the “breadcrumb” to return to a page. For example, Home>Finnabair>Cart (would appear at the top right – below the main menu), if you click on Finnabair it will take you to the Finnabair page with all product categories, and if you choose Home then you will return to the Home page.

Search Products

Type in a descriptive work to find a list of products. For example, if I wanted to look at all the gesso we have, then type gesso (not case sensitive) and you will be shown all the gesso products we have.

To narrow your search, you may have too many items to choose from, so please add more descriptive words in the search field.

Product Categories

The Products Categories (the side navigation bar) has a list of products categories and brands that helps you go to a particular page. There are a few additional links in this list that you should get familiar with. These are;

What’s New: This is a great place to come to see what new products we received in our store.

PREORDER: We have the ability to provide you with products for PREORDER. These products will be listed here (knowing that we have placed an order with our stockists) Once the items are delivered to our door, these items will appear under the appropriate product categories. Having a separate page for the PREORDERS makes it clear to you that we can’t pack your order. When putting in PREORDERS, please only include products from the PREORDER page in your order (otherwise, you will have to wait for your full order – unless you arrange an additional shipping cost).

SALE ITEMS: From time to time, we will have products on sale. This is the link that will help you find them all in one place.


The best way to get shopping is by adding products you really like to your wishlist, that way you don’t forget them! You can then choose from the wishlist which items to put in your cart. Once products are moved to the cart, they are removed from the wishlist. You can share your wishlist with your friends and family.

Shopping Cart